Mac was left upset by chloe: Home and Away Spoiler

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Mackenzie Booth’s reputation in Home and Away will be jeopardised by another heartbreaking reversal on UK television next week. Mackenzie is concerned about the consequences of Chloe Anderson spreading a false rumour about watching the rat in Salt (Emily Weir). 

The damaging charge is levelled after Mackenzie, Chloe (Sam Barrett), and Jackson become embroiled in a major business rivalry (Lukas Radovich). Following their departure from Salt, Chloe and Ryder decided to launch their own food trucks in order to compete with Mac in acrimonious circumstances.

The couple parked their truck outside of Salt, but Mac refused to let them in because all permits were missing. Chloe and Ryder must park the truck in the caravan park. Chloe and Ryder are still enraged at Mac for selling food truck flyers on their surf club grounds.

In retaliation, Mac creates flyers offering free samples of salt food in the hopes of diverting attention away from the truck. Chloe and Ryder are overjoyed with their final permit, which allows them to park directly outside the surf.

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Chloe Shouts!!

When a crowd gathers outside the truck, Mac is outraged, but he quickly responds by grabbing a microphone and announcing more rebates that Chloe and Ryder cannot compete with. 

Chloe and Ryder are disappointed that they have lost all of their clients, so they complain in Salt. Customers flee from Salt, who determined she’d never be outmatched, after Chloe shouts that she has seen a rat run around.

Mac knows Chloe is lying, but Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) persuades her to take her claim seriously.Alf is dissatisfied with his actions because the restaurant Mac needs to close for half a day and spend money to ensure that there are no rats in the restaurant. As Alf points out the financial implications of Mac and the threat to his reputation, Ryder starts to feel guilty. When Ryder recognises that no rat is here, how does Chloe react?

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