Macaulay Culkin shocks Twitter! Deets Inside


“Hey guys, do you want to feel old? I’m 40”: A milestone birthday celebration of Actor Macaulay Culkin was done by some humorous tweets by him on Twitter.

Macaulay Culkin has been known for his witty humor and tweets on social media platforms. The ‘Home Alone’ star turned 40 recently, and the actor like his sarcastic nature celebrated his birthday with a series of tweets.

“Hey Guys, Do You Want to Feel Old? I’m 40” wrote the actor. “You’re welcome,” he added.

Him turning 40 was seemingly a shock for some of the fans, this is mainly because people still see him for the role of Kevin McCallister that he played in ‘Home Alone.’ He grabbed this role when he was 10-years-old.

Greywind alum Paul O’Sullivan tweeted, ‘I was having a great day, but then I found that Macaulay Culkin has turned 40, am I getting old.’

Twitter users wrote comments like, ‘Damn 40! Is it time to log off?’.

“Time for my midlife crisis”.

Another tweet by Culkin mentioned: “It’s my gift to the world: I make people feel old. I’m not a child anymore, that’s my job.” Talking humorously about his birthday, Culkin stated: “Since I was 40, I think it’s time to start my midlife crisis. I’m thinking about starting surfing. Do you have any other suggestions? “

Meanwhile, congratulations came from Culkin’s celebrity friends. 

American model Paris Jackson, 22, also took over Instagram to congratulate his godfather. Sarah Michelle Gellar, 43, also posted Instagram stories wishing the star a happy birthday.

Well, irrespective of the fans across the globe still remembering Culkin as the little boy from Home Alone the star has turned 40 and appears to be living life to the fullest. Wishing him a very Happy Birthday Culkin.

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