Macaulay Culkin turns 40: looking back at his 36-year career


Macaulay Culkin will celebrate his 40th birthday on August 26th. 

The star from the 90s achieved international fame as a child, but this quickly grew too much for him and his family. A decade of scandals followed. Whether drugs, love, money, or arrests, the actor took everything.

On the occasion of his special day, we want to take a closer look at the eventful life of Macaulay Culkin.

First job in kindergarten

Macaulay Culkin comes from a family of actors. Both his father and his aunt worked very successfully in the profession. So, it’s no wonder that the star’s career began at the sweet age of just four.

As a small toddler, he was on stage for the first time in the play “Bach Babies” in New York City. Just four years later, Culkin made his screen debut in the film “Rocket Gibraltar.”

World star with 10

With the comedy “Home Alone“, the cute little boy made his international breakthrough in 1990. Almost overnight, he became a global superstar that everyone really knew. And what’s more, he almost won his first Golden Globe in the “Best Actor” category.

With the fame and the millions in the account, however, the downward spiral began. Naturally, the boy was simply not up to the pressure, and his greedy father did not allow him any breaks. He shamelessly markets him as his manager, only to spend his son’s money with full hands.

Macaulay Culkin turns 40: looking back at his 36-year career

His father abused him.

When Macaulay Culkin was 14 years old, his mother Patricia separated from her husband Kit. She and her seven children later testified that the father was an alcoholic and violent. 

Even today, 20 years later, the star does not say the right word about his father. In 2018, in an interview with the podcast “WTF,” he described him as a “bad person.” Instead of protecting him, he is said to have abused him physically and mentally.

“He didn’t like me; we didn’t like each other. Now imagine that the person you don’t like and who doesn’t like you sees in you the solution to all his problems,” the actor recalled.

First marriage at 17

Even after his parents separated, the child star’s life did not become any less turbulent. At only 16, he was able to emancipate himself from his parents via a court ruling. This means that despite being a minor, he will be treated as an adult before the law. In his case, that meant that his money was finally his own.

In his youthful recklessness, he married his 17-year-old friend Rachel Miner a year later. The marriage was surprisingly scandal-free but broke up four years (1998-2002) after the wedding.

His painful relationship with Mila Kunis

Shortly after that, Macaulay Culkin met today’s Hollywood star, Mila Kunis. People wondered in what kind of strange universe the beautiful Mila and the unattractive child star might have been actually a couple. Their love lasted a long nine years – from 2002 to 2011.

Mila Kunis repeatedly admitted that her selfish behavior was the reason for the end of the relationship. As a guest on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast two years ago, she did not tell us the exact reason for separation but said: “I screwed it up. I was an asshole in my twenties, I can admit that today.

Comeback in 2021?

We’re happy to hear that the former child star is likely to experience a big comeback. First, he’ll be on season 10 of American Horror Story. Second, Disney + is planning a remake of “Home Alone”. It should have been clear from the start that this cannot happen without the legendary Macaulay Culkin for the streaming platform.

As the British newspaper “Sun” reported, he should take on a small role in the planned new edition of the most successful Christmas film of all time. Rumor has it that he was offered the gigantic sum of 2.5 million dollars for this!

It will be interesting to see whether the star will actually make a comeback!

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