Mackenzie’s two big secrets revealed by Emmerdale from the soap

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Moira, Chas and Mack plan a special lunch for Faith on Mothers’ Day and try to persuade Cain to join them for the occasion. Talk turns from last year to Moira’s mother’s death.

When she clocks Mack’s edgy conduct, Faith doubts are raised, and she starts to suspect something. Delusive of a foul play, Faith discovering some secrets and dirt on her nemesis leads to the perfect path to enter Cain’s excellent books.

Later, when Moira and Mack were more and more uneasy about hosting their late mother’s informal memorial, Faith sneaked into Butlers and started to dig for evidence. But the devious Dingle gets battered when Cain returns to the farm and discovers Mack’s personal belongings rifling with his mother.

The Cain-Mack rise to a tense stand-off. When Moira enters, Cain reveals what Faith has discovered, and she is devastated by what she found.

When Mack decides to know the truth, it’s time to drop a second, crushing bombshell that lets Moira wonder if she will ever forgive her treachery.

The Alina enthusiasm of Tyrone is moving up a gear. The impressed mechanic can hardly contain his delights by learning that Alina knows her way around a car engine if she recommends repairing her unreliable new car.

Ty is not the only man who has some liking towards Alina at Weatherfield. Seb takes the courage to invite her to lunch after receiving some support from Emma. But just as he admits he wants to be more than friends, Alina admits she has fallen for another.

Later on in Victoria Gardens, Tyrone met Alina and was astounded when she disclosed that she was the one for whom she loved.

Courtesy: Metro

Tyrone returns to his home with his head in a rotation to find that Adam tells Fiz about the importance of getting a will ready. He is thrown away when Fiz proposes marrying to gain financial security and refutes her proposal, insisting that she get married for love, not for money.

Giddy Fiz later tells Chesney that she is moving forward to book a surprise wedding ceremony in Greece with her heart on getting fast. But she might go to heartbreak when Tyrone met Alina secretly and spoke to her about where they were going from here.

Many other secrets are revealed that one might be interested in, but these are the two significant plot details you must know about.


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