Maggie confronting Ben and Ziggy learning their fate subsequently

Source: Metro

Ben (played by Rohan Nichol) seems to have totally thwarted the plan to leave Summer Bay as he just came running in front of her car and this in turn has left Maggie (played by Kestie Morassi) fuming and raging at his sudden turn around. Maggie had finally booked a flight to Italy after having experienced everything that she ever could.

It was certain that she had given up by now and was planning to ow move there permanently. However, Ben soon realized that it was not wise enough to let Maggie go after hearing to a few wise words of Alf (played by Ray Meagher) who made him realize how important Maggie is for him. He went ahead and tried stopping her car.

Source: Metro

Further, he challenged her to look in her eyes and confess that she no longer loved him. But we all know that that wasn’t the case and eventually even she couldn’t pull her off to that stunt. Ben confiscates Maggie’s car keys and she was then being forced to catch hold of the keys from her daughter Ziggy in order to get to the airport on the prescribed time.

But Ziggy turns out to be that smart daughter which the audience always wanted her to be. She directly refuses her mother as she knew that it was that time of the year where she and Ben genuinely needed to sort things out together. Maggie then confronts Ben by asking him whether he is in a position to forgive her for sleeping with his brother during the period when both of them had spilt up.

However, with that confrontation, Ben hesitates and Maggie understands that nothing really has changed. Ben asks for 12 more hours to get stable.


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