Magic: The Gathering – Building a Modern W/x Death & Taxes Deck


Hello Readers! All those who love to play cards will reach the right site. Today we’re going to dig about a very popular modern W/x Death and Taxes Deck. Firstly, put a glance on Magic:

The Gathering, it is a very famous strategy card game developed by a Ph.D. mathematics professor Richard Garfield in 1993, who was also a game designer and this one is his most successful game.                                                                       

This incredible game is also known as Magic and it is a digital collectible card game, each game of Magic represents an amazing fight between wizards also known as planeswalkers.

Each card depicts different creatures and the player have to defeat their opponent, and frankly this game shares some similarities with fantasy role-playing games, Dungeons & Dragons and many other card games.   

In the latest format the famous Death & Taxes archetype designed a sideboard based on white mana. Sideboard is a group of additional cards which is used by every player of the game to modify and improve their deck between games of a match.

Basically, sideboard helps the player to address their deck strength against their opponents and player always protect his or her sideboard from their opponents. 

This time, Death and Taxes discovered a new sideboard which is also known as “hatebears”, and this is designed so precisely that it will shut down any opposing deck’s strategy by slowing down too much to buy time and prepare a counter-attack.

Readers, if you want to watch out some of the cards click here – 

Don’t forget to share your experience of playing the Magic, and stay tuned for further updates!


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