Magneto is a very important character in the X- Men universe. He is known for his ability to control metal on the earth in a very easy way. Magneto is a very interesting mutant. He was once a friend of Charles Xavier. Magneto believed that mutant should rule over humans and Xavier feels that they co-exist. Now after 20years since the first movie came, McKellen who portrayed Magneto in the films has now revealed that everyone was mispronouncing Magneto’s name so far. You must be curious to know the actual pronunciation of his name so continue reading with us.


McKellen has played the part of Magneto for a long now. Apart from the first movie he appeared in The Wolverine, X-men: Days of Future Past, and the X-Men trilogy. The movies of the trilogy are the ones that he has been best remembered for.  Fans love him immensely but recently some of his fans are mispronouncing his name for quite a long now. They are pronouncing it as “magneto” instead of “magneto”. McKellen took to Twitter to bring this thing into consideration of people as he took it as disrespect to the image of the character of Magneto.  The Twitter post came in on 15 October 2020 and has received 4.3k likes and 731 retweets. 

After his tweet, the fans have taken note of this thing and have even started improving their pronunciation. That’s all for now.

Thank you readers for being so patient and being with us till the end.


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