Major cliffhanger awaits you in the finale: Chicago PD star Marina Squerciati

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Chicago P.D. would be ending in a cliffhanger!! From where did I get this? Marina Squerciati herself mentioned it. The current show is looking forward to exploring the subject of police reform onscreen as of now and season eight’s episode would be airing on the service on May 12, and we already have this information ahead of the timeline.

The highly anticipated episode would be airing on Wednesday in the US and the writers have been duly praised by the actress who plays the character of the intelligence detective Kim Burgess. She said that the last two episodes were very nicely framed. We witnessed the old school cop struggling with the matter in the last few episodes.

Source: TV Insider

According to the actress, this was a great move for the storyline as it shows that reform need to be made and is definitely the need of the hour. According to her, showrunner Rick Eid did bring it at the forefront letting the cast know that this was something they wanted to stress on. Therefore, talking about it seemed like the most important thing to do. Though whatever is happening is not the perfect representation but the fact that they are ready to address the issue speaks a lot about the ideology behind the show, writers, producers, and directors.

The plot kickstarted with Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller’s (played by Nicole Ari Parker) entry. She was introduced to the force and had to undergo a lot many hardships and punishments for not just her deeds but for others as well. Additionally, Squerciati also mentioned the difficulties that come into the picture, especially if you are a mom cop. You need to go into the fire blindly and that definitely isn’t easy!


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