Man charged with a different crime after clearing in fatal Bardstown stabbing.

Man charged with a different crime after clearing in fatal Bardstown stabbing.
Man charged with a different crime after clearing in fatal Bardstown stabbing.


A man stabbed an individual and was charged with multiple felonies by the court.

Later on, the Nelson County Grand Jury said that the man attacked the victim in self-defense.

Marilyn Keene, mother of the victim is not happy with the court’s decision.

Jamie Keene’s family will not stop until they get justice.

Inside Story

In April, a man fatally stabbed a person and was charged with a new crime. After clearing his name from the stabbing charges, the authorities accused him of a new felony. Last week, the Nelson County Grand Jury stated that the defendant Jonathan Silva attached Jamie Keene in self-defense. The Grand Jury decided not to indict the defendant, but the family will continue their quest for justice.

Currently, Silva is in police custody for a different crime. According to the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office stated in the Facebook post, on Friday, Keene and Silva’s family, which also included his brother Jordan, coincidentally saw each other while driving on the road. The deputies reported that during the incident,  Silva used a stolen handgun. Moreover, she fired the shots two times in the air while Keene’s family, along with others, which included two kids were close to the area.

Marilyn Keene, who is Jamie Keene’s mother, expressed her sadness for her son’s death. She described the situation and Keene’s death as unreal and painful. The mother of the deceased also spoke to a news channel while standing across the street from their home. She stated that Jamie was stabbed to death and shared other details.

She also added that she feels sad that her son was in that spot where he thought he was safe, but he wasn’t. He could have never thought that the person who he knew would end up killing him on that street. Jamie’s mother and family friend, Lakecia Copeland were hoping for the alleged attacker to get indicted for his crimes. However, after the grand jury’s orders last week, they were shocked.

Investigation Report

The authorities charged Silva with a Class D felony, as well as eight counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. As per the deputies report, more criminal charges could be added in the upcoming weeks. As of now, the investigators are continuing their investigation on this case.

Final Words

Keene’s family has suffered a huge loss. They stated that they will continue to search for the answers. They won’t stop protesting until they get justice for Keene’s death. The next court’s hearing for Silva is expected on Thursday, September, 24.

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