Mark Cuban, Sen. Ted Cruz Capture In Twitter Snap Over Drop In NBA Ratings


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and the United States Senator Ted Cruz got into a Twitter fight trunk from the politician’s points about his view that the league’s social justice messaging has sourced its low NBA ratings.

Cruz firstly re-tweeted an article from one talk show on the NBA finals viewer numbers. That hit an all-time low of 5.9 million for Game 3 last Sunday. Moreover, he commented on the snippet and given a hashtag involving that he felt the NBA’s social justice campaign. 

Cuban reverted back at Cruz, who symbolize Texas in the Senate. Texas is home to three NBA groups in the Houston Rockets, Sam Antonio Spurs. Cuban’s Mavs and the owner charged with Cruz of happiness for the league to be unsuccessful.

Cruz, a self-proclaimed Rocket audience, then stated he discern issues with the NBA connecting the league’s social freedom.

Cuban than interrogated how Cruz would know about the NBA’s in-game talking when he shared he has not seen a game this year. At times also finding faults with the characterization of what the league is trying to pass. 

Cruz after changed topics and mention of October 2019 disagreement concerning the league’s points to Rockets general manager Daryl Money’s wrote on the side of pro-representative government. It is a Hong Kong objector opposite the Chinese government. 

Cuban convey the last word in the six-tweet back-and-forth, mention of marks he and the league have taken to combat for justice socially. Additionally, grow the economy opposite to making ‘Twitter proclamations’.

He shares words on Twitter as Shame on me for placing American civil rights and justice. Creating a task and growing our wealth.

Cuban has embraced a huge post in the Mavs since Jan 4, 2000. Cruz, a 2016 Republican Presidential applicant was voted into the Senate in 2013. 


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