Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Potter collectables at halved prices

Source: Hotstar

Many merch and memorabilia have its prices slashed due to the upcoming sale on movie collectables at Zavvi. You can get your hands on both the villainous titular wizard as well as the main hero Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. They are currently priced at a very negligible rate than the usual 399.99 pounds. This time, the sale will let you take it at 169.99 pounds.

Thus, you will be able to save a whopping 230 pounds for each of the collectable. In addition to the figures of Fantastic Beasts, we also have Star Wars coming into the picture wherein their 31 cm Sith Trooper from The Rise of Skywalker is making the best out of it. It would be available for a purchase for 169.99 pounds as compared to its regular price of 329.99 pounds.

Source: Marvel

The next one and the most-awaited one in the list would be the Avengers: Endgame Infinity Gauntlet replica. And the one on sale is the Hulk version gauntlet which can easily be looted by you as it is available for a purchase at a very negligible price of 100 pounds. That is 90 pounds completely smashed for you.

Besides these bigger sized collectables, there are a range of Hot Toys Cosbabies available that give an anime-esque chibi look to the characters from DC, Marvel and Potter. These look pretty cool and cute at the same time. Out of all the figures available, the Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Armour figure is the most expensive one that has been priced at 39.99 pounds.


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