Marvel studious reportedly developing X-men movie titled the Mutants

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Marvel Studios is reportedly developing a new MCU movie titled “The Mutants,” which could signal a decision to not call them X-Men anymore.

Marvel Studios has reportedly started developing a new X-Men movie that might be called The Mutants. Thanks to Walt Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox in 2019, the Marvel Cinematic Universe gained access to the wealth of characters and storylines that come with the X-Men. Many fans have been excited to see what Kevin Feige will do with the X-Men once mutants are added to the MCU’s mythology. So far, Marvel Studios hasn’t confirmed plans for any X-Men characters, other than Ryan Reynolds’ return for Deadpool 3.

Without an official announcement on the first MCU X-Men movie, fans have been left wondering when the mutants will join the larger universe. Feige has said in the past that they are figuring out the plan to incorporate mutants in the MCU. There are plenty of theories that Eternals will set up the mutant gene or that the multiverse will serve as a gateway to bring some mutants from Fox’s X-Men franchise to the MCU. Marvel appeared to be content taking things slow when it came to the X-Men since Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants came out in the last two years. But, a new rumor suggests Marvel is starting to move forward with their X-Men plans.

According to a report from The Illuminerdi, Marvel Studios has started development on the MCU’s X-Men reboot. Kevin Feige is producing the project as usual, and it is expected that it is being developed as a feature film. There are no known plot details, writers, directors, or cast members at this time, but the report did reveal a tentative title: The Mutants. This is not confirmed, though, and could potentially change as development continues.

With Marvel Studios reportedly making progress on a new X-Men film, the part of this report that will likely surprise many is the title. However, the decision to potentially not refer to the team as X-Men could stem from the name not being as inclusive. Marvel Studios EVP of Production Victoria Alonso said in 2019 that she felt the X-Men name was outdated since there are so many women members. It wasn’t too long after that Feige said at San Diego Comic-Con that Marvel Studios was working on bringing “mutants” to the MCU. He said mutants twice but didn’t say “X-Men” at all. That could be a coincidence, but the MCU could also refrain from using the iconic mutant superteam name.

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There will surely be some comic fans who hope The Mutants title isn’t an indication the X-Men name will be dropped in the MCU. It is even possible that The Mutants will receive this title because it tells a story about mutants in general and not specifically the X-Men. This could allow the MCU to introduce or expand the concept of mutants in a single movie with the primary purpose of rebooting the idea of mutants. The X-Men team name could then come at a later point and be used in future movies and titles. Of course, there’s also the chance the MCU won’t call the team “X-Men” at all. We’ll have to wait for more information to know for sure.


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