Marvel’s 10 Best Heroes Who Use Luck To Their Advantage


They say luck favors people with good intentions. In the case of these superheroes, it’s absolutely true. Here we have made a list of 10 Marvel superheroes who have the ability to bend it according to their will!

#10 Black Cat

Many of you may know her (Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat) as one of SpiderMan’s love interests. Thanks to Dr. Strange, she was bestowed upon with the power to alter the frequencies that allow her to bring her opponents bad luck.

#9 Domino

Being a mutant, she has the ability to alter whatever is happening around her using her psionics. Unlike Felicia, she can’t alter luck directly but she can jolly well make it favour her.

#8 Roulette

Roulette has a direct power to control luck as well. She uses her psionic energy to create red and black discs which could allow her to bring good luck and bad luck to people hit by it respectively. 

#7 Longshot

Longshot (more like a sure shot!) is one of the few men who had a direct connection with getting lucky. But unlike others mentioned, he cannot bend it according to his will. Luck will favor him only if he believes in his abilities and uses it for reasons that are not selfish.

#6 Shamrock

Her costume itself reveals her “Irish luck” heritage. She’s one other lucky girl who also happens to be a vessel for the souls of innocent war victims. This gives her added leverage as well. 

#5 Eddie Gunnam

Eddie was not born with psionic abilities but he did acquire a walking stick that brought him Lady Luck. The former owner of the stick had been struck five times but he came out unscathed but when the stick itself was shot by the Runaways, it broke and lost its power.

#4 Scarlet Witch

Yes, we know that she did not have any special powers to alter luck in the movies. But that doesn’t mean she never had them. When the comics were first released, it was mentioned that she had to ability to bring bad luck as long as she could assess its probability.

#3 Isca

Isca was called the “Unbeatable” as she has never lost a war in her life. Luck always favored her in times of battle. She often had to side against her own family and friends to win which at last took her life.

#2 Blindfold

She lost her eyesight when she was a child and had a rough childhood overall. But all the bad luck of her life ended there. She then grew up to be one of the most powerful mutants who could see both the future and the past and alter people’s luck.

#1 The Queen of Nevers

Capable of witnessing and feeling every possible outcome, The Queen of Nevers can make changes to reality to ensure a certain outcome happens. She is by far the luckiest of all Marvel superheroes!

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