Marvel’s Avengers Expected Release Date and new update!


Marvel’s Avenger; The action adventure video game based on Marvel Universe super hero team Avengers is set for its release soon.Game was announced with a teaser trailer that showed up on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel in January 2017. Although the game was under the development at that point. At E3 2019, more than two years later from its trailer Square Enix shared release date as 15th May 2020 and some more details on the game in a press conference followed by a full trailer.

The 14-minute trailer depicted the in-game footage, a brief description of the gameplay including characters, multiplayer and customization, and a preview of the actors behind the game. “You can watch the War table deep dive and Avengers E3 2019 trailer to get first-hand experience.” Considering the current pandemic situation just like a lot more games Marvel’s Avenger’s release has also been postponed, with the new date being 4th September. Crustal Dynamic’s first Marvel Game will be available to be played on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia.

Marvel’s Avengers official twitter handle tweeted that it will have a beta on PS4 before release although crystal dynamic hasn’t released much information on this as yet.

Marvel’s Avengers Expected Release Date and new update!

What will be the story line and how will be the game play?

The game enables player to assemble a team of heroes of their own with playable characters including Steve Rogers / Captain America (Jeff Schine), Tony Stark / Iron Man (Nolan North), Bruce Banner / Hulk (Troy Baker), Thor (Travis Willingham), Natasha Romanova / Black Widow (Laura Bailey), and Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel (Sandra Saad).

The game also gives you an ability to customize abilities and costumes, which can also be upgraded at various stages using a Skill Tree. The skill tree will let you upgrade under four different categories depending on your achievement in-game primary, specialty, capability, and utility. It’s a narrative-driven game combining the cinematic story with single play and co-operative gameplay.

The storyline begins with five founding superheroes celebrating the opening of the second headquarters in San Francisco and “Chimera” their own helicarrier. The celebration doesn’t last long enough as there is a terrorist attack by Taskmasters resulting in the death of Captain America and most of the city being destroyed. Sadly, Avengers are blamed for the mishap causing them to disband. Five years later Avengers are seen together again to rebuild the city which is now under the control of AIM – science-based organization and superheroes.

“Scott Amos; studio head of Crystal Dynamics mentioned that this is the developer’s biggest game to date, requiring five studios from around the globe to make” – Considering the statement it’s going to be perplexing to play the game.


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