Marvel’s Avengers needs this feature from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3


We should all incorporate the good things from our fellow mates, that’s a real life essential, now what if I say it’s a reel life essential too. And this is what fans are suggesting to the makers of Marvel’s Avengers.

Viewers and fans are suggesting marbles Avengers to incorporate something similar to the mechanics that help the heroes to work in unison in Marvel ultimate Alliance 3. Marvel Avengers was a big  triumph, putting down the bad guys fighting with them. But fans are of the view that though initially, the excitement was real, gradually there were some lacking experiences, for which those similar incorporations were required. And developers are  looking into the past to improve the game play. 

In the Marvel’s Alliance story, heroes are allowed to unite their powers by synergy attacks and this is what amplifies the enthusiasm of the game and fans are saying that this is what is needed in Avengers game too.

Developer Crystal Dynamics seems to be deeply looking into the matter and finding more ways to add to the players interests. Let’s see, what new improved features are in store for us

We just cannot keep waiting and thinking of them anymore! 


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