Marvel’s Iron Man VR PS4: Its release, storyline, and recent updates.


The action-adventure Marvel’s Iron Man VR supposed to release exclusively for Play Station VR. The VR game was all set for its release in February 2020 when it first got delayed to May 14, 2020, and now another delay has been announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The exclusivity of the game being released for VR only is meant to take you inside the adventure of playboy billionaire Tony Stark being the player’s cast, put against villains with extraordinary superpowers. The trailers promise an appealing encounter of Stark with an Anti-corporate activist ghost.

The storyline for Marvel’s Iron Man aka Tony Stark

The superhero character who first caught attention in American Comic books published by Marvel comics was taken to the next level of the Marvel Cinematic universe. The fictional character named Anthony Edward Stark aka Tony Stark is mostly famous by his alter ego “Iron Man”. In the infinity, war fans witnessed the Iron Man’s death.

Oh, wait! That’s not where it ends, Super hero’s ghost is also a superhero.

So, Marvel’s Iron Man is up for a great confrontation with Ghost from past in the Camouflaj’s production.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR PS4: Its release, storyline, and recent updates.

New Release Date Announced

Play Station tweeted that Marvel’s Iron Man VR PS4 will be released on July 3, 2020. Play station had mentioned that due to the global crisis logistics are impacted preventing them from providing the launch experience players deserve.

With the release date being close to Unites states Independence Day, players are going to have sufficient time to buy it and then enter the virtual reality to experience it firsthand.

What to expect in the game?

As per play station, Tony Stark would create technology instead of making weapons to fight the evil. The superhero is expected to encounter a mysterious ghost who attacks stark’s corporate locations around the world. Players will be on a mission to save not only stark’s corporate locations but the world itself. Players will experience the upgrade in technology in Stark’s garage giving them the ability to customize Iron Man’s Sleek Armor and abilities too.

Given the functionality of the game it’s highly recommended only for kids above the age-12.


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