Marvel’s Loki’s finale villain’s true identity has been addressed by the director.


The last episode of Loki showed us a new figure in the MCU, but fans discussed what he truly is. The episode featured ‘He Who Remains’ by Loki, Sylvie and us, a mysterious person played by Jonathan Majors from Lovecraft Country.

After Majors was disclosed as part of the cast of the third Ant-Man movie, fans had known for a time that he was joining Loki, but his look was kept under wraps. For a long time, it was rumoured that Majors would play comic book villain Kang the Conqueror, and now many people refer to the Loki person as Kang, although the name has never been spoken.

And He Who Remains is a Marvel Comics character. So is this a Kang made of different characters in Marvel? Director Kate Herron addressed the villain’s identity and said, “It’s a bit like Sylvie, right? With respect to this storey, she’s a unique character. Who remains, but the version was highly different in our show.

“Immortus is closer, but for our plot, he’s a singular character. But Kang is a version of this nature.” Herron also highlighted this week’s show final and stated that Loki is “changing character by the end.”

“We wanted to finish the storey of Loki well, but this cliffhanger also says, ‘Where does he go?'” ” Herr on explained that. “It was a final that we all knew we desired… the multiverse was born and opened again.

Season 1 of Loki will be on Disney+ exclusively. Season 2 has been confirmed officially.


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