Mary Elizabeth Winstead reveals her misery when she almost wanted to quit acting


With cool projects ranging from films like Birds of Prey, Scoot Pilgrim vs. The World to TV’s very own Fargo, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has made a successful career for herself in the acting industry. However, she had had also times wherein she was almost about to quit acting and here she reveals that moment in a lengthy interview.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead revealed that there was a time wherein she almost didn’t continue acting due to the tremendous amount of stress she was dealing with being an actress in general. She added that it wasn’t much connected with her eternal love for acting nor was it related to confidence issues. It was all about work stress related to acting. 

In addition to that, her situation is likely to aggravate by working for too long or at weird hours to complete the job. Through her words, we could make out that this lapse occurred in her life quite early in her career wherein the thought of quitting acting arose in her head. Fortunately, she was able to overcome this shortcoming by having a talk with her other female friends in the industry and today we know what she has made of herself.

Those conversations really seemed to help her get out of the vulnerable and negative thoughts that she was having and she then let her career boom. The actress also talked about the brave face that she used to often put up while conversing with other actresses in Hollywood. But with time she just got used to it and understood her fate.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is much more successful today having made her name several times in the headlines owing to her role in the female anti-hero film Birds of Prey and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. She definitely stole the show and now fans are waiting to witness her in another badass role in Kate, a flick from Cedric Nicolas-Troyan.


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