Maryland School Board Member Gives Up After Wishing Trump Would Die From COVID-19


On Tuesday an educator from Maryland is ready to get free from the Washington Country Board of Education. She has shared on her personal social media account that she wanted President Trump dies due to coronavirus.

The first person elected to the Washington County School Board, Jacqueline Fischer in 2002. She expressed that he has tested positive for the deadly virus. If he will die and the country will get fortunate. It can be an act of Karma!

Additionally, he could care less about people of America who die due to COVID-19, and even if he can be the one who vulnerable them. I wish he died because of COVID-19. It can be solved many problems in America. 

Jacqueline served on the board from 2002 to 2006 and in 2010,2014 and 2018. The term which started in 2018 was set to end in 2022. 

Trump stated on Monday he is leaving the hospital where he has been getting treatment for COVID-19. He is declaring that in spite of his sickness the nation should not be frightened of the virus that has killed more than 210,000 people in America.

Trump’s doctor, Navy Cdr. Conley shared his view by saying the president would not be totally out of the woods. However, Trump had met the levels for discharge from the hospital. 

Trump is supposed to continue his treatment at the White House. Where the level of the pandemic that has infected the high ranking levels of the U.S. government is still being detected.

Trump’s experience with the virus has been different from most Americans. While most combine with their expression and fear of whether they will take a turn for the bad situation. He returns to the White House.


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