Mass Effect: Recruited Grunt Recruitment In The Team Is wise Plan of Commander Shephered?


Mass Effect is a high tech military based video game continuing release since on 20th November 2007 has gained very huge popularity in the entire world in a short time.

The latest release was on 21st March 2017 by the name Mass Effect: Andromeda has claimed many critical awards for the best game of the year and it has almost 70% plus positive reviews on Metacritic. 

 Mass Effect 2 was released on 26th January 2010 and despite getting released in the month-end, it sold almost 500,000 games in the same month. Even before the release of the 3rd game, Mass effect 2 has sold 7 million copies worldwide. 

Due to this huge popularity, the creators of the game decided to make a special edition as the fourth game and he constructed the game differently. As per the speculations, Mass effect 5 development is underway now. 

Mass effect story:

The story is based on a space navy soldier named Commander Shepard, whose mission is to save the galaxy from some mechanical agents and aliens called Reapers. The game navigates thought Commander Shephard’s battle in different phases and different races. 

In Mass Effect, Commander Shephard travels down the galaxy to find and recruit specialized engineered soldiers and skilled assassins. At one time he even recruited Krogan Commandos and one of them is Grunt.

Grunt is considered to be a Krogan’s super-soldier who was genetically created. After multiple failures, he was created in a tank and learned all techniques in a tank just for 7 days. Grunt was very intelligent but he was aggressive and highly unpredictable. This was very unusual for Commander Shepard to recruit Grunt.

Grunt was not given to Shepard in the first place, Shepard took the tank with him and find Grunt only after opening the tank. Grunt readily accepted Commander Shephard’s command because Shepard was the one and 1st person whom he saw in his life. Shepard takes off his new friend.

But Grunt was still finds himself lost and feels that he belong to somewhere else. And later, Shepard decided to help Grunt and together they shape their destiny.

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