Max Ehrich claims Demi Lovato didn’t tell him about ending their engagement before the press


Max Ehrich, actor 29-year-old, finds out about the breakup with Demi Lovato through a tabloid after just 2 months engagement. Reportedly they were dating since March.

On Saturday, Max Ehrich has posted a statement on plain black and white slide as “Imagine Finding out to the status of your relationship through a tabloid”. During that time he was in the middle of filming a movie about a Pastor in a Christian Church.

However, the representative of Demi Lovato denied Max’s claim on the same day and said straight away that he is lying. He was already told well in advance about the end of the relationship.

As per an unnamed insider, Max Ehrich’s statement is basically for staying relevant, which is also stated by many fans of Demi Lavato based on Max’s past and current activities on social media platforms.

In the past, Max Ehrich has publicly declared his love for Selena Gomez and many other A-listed celebs like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, Bella, and Gigi Hadid. The screenshot of there public declarations on social media has been taken and posted by many celeb fans. 

In 2010, Max has also posted a video in which he shared about his crush on Selena Gomez. So there are many mystifying controversies around the subject now.

The actor Max has already deleted his Twitter account and has broken up with Demi Lovato just after 2 months of their engagement.

Despite all these controversies and fan allegations, Max Ehrich an A-lister and 4-times Emmy nominated actor, confirms that he only knows about the breakup via media.

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