Maya And The Three Netflix Series – Here Are Latest Updates On Its Release Date, Cast & Plotline

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In the future, Netflix looks to be putting a significant focus on animation. In 2018, they announced a variety of upcoming projects, several of which were released on streaming platforms over the next few years. The show will also include the 2020 films like “The Willoughbys,” the preschool series “Go! Go! Cory Carson,” and two recently released animated program, “Trash Truck” and “Kid Cosmic.”

“Maya and the Three,” a series by Emmy-winning filmmaker Jorge Gutiérrez, is the only other project on the list that has yet to air on Netflix, along with a forthcoming animated picture called “My Father’s Dragon.”

Gutiérrez previously won an Emmy for the animated television series “El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera,” as well as two Anne Awards for “El Tigre” and the film “The Book of Life.” Now he’s bringing his expertise and ingenuity to “Maya and the Three,” a Mexican mythology-based animated drama.

While there are little facts regarding the next performance available at this time, there is plenty to keep fans interested and eager. The following is what we know about Netflix’s new series “Maya and the Three” thus far.

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Maya And The Three Netflix Series – What’s The Release Date?

“Maya and the Three” had a targeted release date of 2021 when it was first announced in 2018, and it appears that the series is on pace to meet that deadline.

“Kid Cosmic,” another animated program on the initial schedule, was set to premiere in 2020 but was delayed somewhat, with Season 1 debuting in February 2021. While it’s not unexpected to learn that “Maya and the Three” will be published later than planned, Netflix has yet to comment on the release date, prompting many to assume that it will still be published in the second half of 2021.

Netflix has not provided any other information on the series’ release date, but the new first-look photographs may indicate that more material, including a trailer, will be released in the coming months.

Maya And The Three Netflix Series – Who Will Casting?

The cast roster for “Maya and the Three” was not included in the first-look photographs. Despite this, there are a lot of talented individuals working on the show’s design, script, and other features, so you should be excited.

Sandra Equihua, who has worked with Gutiérrez on past projects as a character designer and voice actor, will also be a character designer for “Maya and the Three,” in addition to Gutiérrez, who is the series’ creator, director, producer, character designer, and writer. Equihua will very certainly have a voice part in the Netflix miniseries, based on her previous voice work. 

Jeff Ranjo, whose works went popular through “Moana,” “Frozen,” as well as other Disney major films, will return for “Maya and the Three,” while Silvia Cardenas Olivas, who worked on “Elena of Avalor,” would be the co-writer and co-executive producer.

Maya and the three will be produced by Jeff Bell, Phyllis Laing, and Ken Zorniak. All three have an extensive list of producing credits, and they recently worked together on another Netflix film, “Next Gen,” in 2018.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Maya And The Three Netflix Series – Plotline Details

In comparison to everything else on this page, we know the most about the storey of “Maya and the Three.” “In a magical world packed with magic, a Mesoamerican-inspired warrior princess goes on an epic adventure to fulfil an ancient prophecy and save humankind from the wrath gods of the underworld,” according to Netflix’s official story description. “Maya and the Three ”is speculated to come with a total number of eight episodes.

Gutiérrez commented on his tale and characters in a statement that accompanied the new first-look photographs.

He goes on to say that the courageous young lady is inspired by the ladies in his life, such as his mother, sister, and wife, whom he refers to as his “eternal muse.” So yet, neither Gutiérrez nor Netflix has provided any clues about what “the Three” inside the title represents, so viewers would have to wait to find more.

The plot is a “funny, poignant, and epic adventure to destroy the underworld gods,” according to the show’s author, and a “spicy treat” for fans of his prior work. “Maya and the Three” appears to be a stylish adventure replete with interesting characters, steeped with the rich heritage of Mesoamerican mythology and culture, based on the new photos.

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