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Good news for the fans of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool. The pre-production work for the third season of the movie has been started and Marvel Studios has also assured that it will be full of adventure and a big hit.

However, Deadpool 3 is not officially announced yet but there are some rumors and updates that we have bought up for you. So scroll down and get the latest updates of your favorite movie.

Release Date of Deadpool 3!

Kevin Fiege, Marvel’s Studio figurehead, has stated in an interview that Deadpool 3 has not started its shooting and it can be said that it will not start its shoot in 2021. So accordingly there is no release date announced yet for Deadpool 3. Sources say that the movie might start its shooting in 2022 and it will hit the big screens in 2023. This is just an assumption as it depends on the ongoing projects of Marvel Studio as it is known that Marvel is having a very busy schedule for the next two years. 

Whom can you expect to play the roles in Deadpool 3?

The surety about the cast is for only one character that is Wade Wilson (Deadpool) that will be played by Ryan Reynolds. Some of the characters like Zazie Beats, Stefan Kapicic, Brianna Hildebrand, Morena Baccarin, Karan Soni, and Leslie Uggams might come back to reprise their roles in the upcoming movie as they were alive at the end of the previous part of the movie.

If you are searching for the name of T.J. Miller, then you will be disappointed to hear that he has been accused of sexual and unprofessional misconduct and due to this his career has come to an end. 

What more adventures are waiting for you?

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As we have stated that there is no official news on the upcoming movie so is that for the plot of the movie. The only thing we know about the storyline of the movie is that the team is trying to go in a completely different direction which was said by Ryan Reynolds in an interview in 2019.


 Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is one of the most popular superhero entities of the 20th century. Makers are expecting to get R-ratings. It can also be said that Deadpool 3 might shift from the sequel to a soft reboot for the MCU. We will get a better idea for the movie once its production works start. Don’t worry; we will keep you updated on the same. You just need to stay tuned to get all the updates.


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