The spotlight boys Eric Kripke acknowledges that he finds that the MCU is risky because it could send a warning. 

Today, pop culture is overwhelmed by superheroes, despite whether it’s the kind of Marvel, the kind of DC, or a whole other. 

Box office as well as a small screen have become stars of Super-Heroes, arguably because of Marvel and DC who have both started the golden heroes’ era. This is partly why Kripke’s The Boys are always used as an air breathe it presents a distinctly different hero.

Why do the showrunners feel so?

In The Boys universe, super-powered characters are much like celebrities and sports stars, so famous and admired. They aren’t warriors, though, exactly. 

The show’s strongest super-team, the Seven, is filled with crooked and defenseless heroes who murder an innocent man as easily as a villain. The Boys are then a squad of guards who attempt to take the Seven down, but they are well aware that these heroes can rescue no one. Indeed, season 2 of The Boys featured some clever remarks by making Stormfront (Aya Cash) a Nazi.

Kripke was wading through the latest discussion about pop heroes during his chat with THR about The Boys. Many have heard how The Boys ridiculed Marvel and DC films at season 2, and Kripke was asked what he thought were the defects in these franchises.

Kripke said first that he’s a fan of Marvel, but he confessed that he knows so many films are there. It’s a little risky to train a generation to wait for someone powerful to come to you and to rescue you.

Kripke clarified that the scene had come from executive producer Rebecca Sonneshine. And she is like, ‘Neither do I start.’ she considered it condescending and I accepted,’ said Kripke. ‘I have seen it too, and I was like,’ that was the dumbest, the most devised,’ “Girls do it,” thus, has been born.


In terms of the pure amount of Marvel material, Kripke makes a fair argument. If the schedule is full this year, viewers will have seen two films and two Disney+ series. While it’s thrilling for fans, it seems like a lot of work has to be completed.

If they make people wait for someone to rescue them, you might say that they would motivate people to become their heroes.

Just wait and watch what happens and stay tuned with us for further updates.


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