MCU Spiderman 3 – the strange – iron man story in a nutshell

MCU Spiderman 3 – the strange - iron man story in a nutshell
MCU Spiderman 3 – the strange - iron man story in a nutshell

How many of the insane marvel fans still dream of Spiderman every night.

I know many would second my thought.

Spider-man will always have a very special place in our hearts forever. 

And here the makers have a new installment for us and this is what they have shared with the media.

Makers have revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange will have a new appearance in MCU’s third part of the Spiderman as Peter Parker’s mentor. He will be replacing Iron Man and makers remark that he is the perfect choice as MCU’s Spider-man very different from any other stories of the wall-crawler.

Thus, to keep up with the uniqueness of every installment of the movie fans have been witnessing some major guest appearances be it Tony Stark in part one, Nick Fury in the second part and it will be doctor strange in the third, who will be the spider man’s mentor.

The MCU movie has been a source of magic in itself, it has been a mix of colors with reality, the masters of mystic arts have been the sworn defenders of the multiverse and the makers are sure that with Doctor Strange serving as spider man’s mentor, the third season will be taken up to that multiverse scale too.

Also, according to the original story, the relationship between the mentor and spiderman is a very strong one. Makers are expecting this version of the film to be Doctor Strange’s own solo blockbuster.

 And how can we the crazy MCU fans keep ourselves from watching the movie?

But for this we will have to wait a bit longer, we can gear ourselves up till then as the movie is all set to hit the screens in December 2021.


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