MCU Theory: The Eternals’ True Enemy Is Oblivion


Fans are eagerly waiting to know the next villain in the upcoming Eternals movie. Marvel Studios has kept their lips sealed and hasn’t revealed anything about the new villain. The company is playing coy about the villain, and as the shooting begins, cast and other few details start to slip out.

The next Enemy of Eternals could be Oblivion

Right not, fans attention is focused on the new villains. Recently, we have found out that the next villain of the MCU could be Oblivion, who is a cosmic entity. For those who have read comics, might know that Eternals’ traditional enemies are the Deviants, who is an evolutionary subset of humanity. So these creatures are going to appear in the upcoming film.

However, the filmmakers have reinvented them a little bit for the film. It won’t come out as a shocker to most of the fans that Deviants belonged to an ancient culture that had settled on Earth millions of years ago. Marvel is trying to keep some secret from us all, but we believe that we can expect some kind of a twist related to deviants. 

Recently, some details about the film have started to slip out, and even when the upcoming film got delayed, some of the tie-in merchandise has begun to leak. And now, we have more important clues that might play a significant role in the Eternals.

Oblivion Is The Most Likely Prospect For A Villain in The Eternals

Many powerful entities in comics are strong enough to match the Celestials, but we can expect Oblivion, and we can explain to you why. This entity represents destruction, which is present in its nature. Moreover, he is a counter-force to the expansion of the universe. In the “Chaos War” event he taunted Hercules that he can’t stop wishing for the end of all things.

He also added that it is in his nature and his identity. He continued that he was present before the creation, and he will be there when it ends. He considers himself a void, who is something between death and life. He is nothing from which everything grows. He also said that he is the breath between life and death. 

If Oblivion would have known that Celestials were growing in that period, then he would have destroyed the universe and would not let anything inhabit life. Fortunately, he wasn’t present during those ancient times, or else he would have opposed Celestials. And all thanks to the infinity stones, he was locked away, or else life could not grow across the cosmos.

In the “Chaos War” event, Oblivion used harbinger and proxies and imbuing them with its power. If we look at the character visually, his dark swirling tendrils match MCU’s redesign of Kro. In the event, Oblivion’s first strike and conquering the Dream Dimension left the mortals asleep. So Hercules had to create a team of immortals, which includes Sersi of the Eternals and the Greek Gods, to defeat this powerful cosmic entity.


If he had attached again the none of the Avengers would be awake to defeat Oblivion. Even Asgardians would be asleep. The universe’s only hope would be The Eternals, who would be facing against the enemy between creation and destruction.

Stay tuned for more information about The Eternals film.


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