Meander’s Ending Explained


Is there a happy ending for Lisa when she pushes her way through shifting walls, climbs over dead bodies, avoids flamethrowers, battles a zombie, nearly drowns, burns herself in an acid pit, meets her dead daughter and has half of her foot sliced off?

As soon as she awoke in the lush natural setting where her wounds had healed, the sun shone, and birds were chirping in harmony with each other, everything seemed to be alright once more. The woman has been reunited with her daughter, and at this time, she is not in danger. As early as the first episode establishes, Nina has passed away, so we know they’re in an afterlife with Lisa, who has already died.

“It’s your body that (died). So frequently, “Nina discusses the situation to her mother. “The good news, though, is that you no longer have anything to be afraid of. You may relax knowing that you’re in good hands.” Nina tells Lisa, “Live,” in response to her question, “What do I need to do?” They smile at each other, relieved, and take in the stunning waterfall in front of them. 

They both appear content, so it’s safe to believe they’ll be here for all time. However, accepting Lisa’s idealistic fate necessitates getting through the maze’s intricate torturous tunnels, meaty chambers, and the role of Adam, a serial killer who moves through the labyrinth alongside her.

Lisa and Adam met before being imprisoned in the coiled tubes when he found her sleeping in the street. Due to the weather conditions (cold, rainy, and getting darker), he offers to drive her into town. Her daughter would have been nine years old on that particular day. They get into a strange little discussion about their awful childhood and how they dislike other people.

After Adam informs her that there is no afterlife, she switches on the radio to hear about a murder suspect being profiled by a broadcaster. If a brown truck with a cross tattoo on its driver’s hand was nearby, what were the chances? Adam slams the breaks and attacks her before she has an opportunity to respond.

After a while, it’s discovered that Adam was with Lisa in the tunnels. Finally, after battling an enraged and agitated man in a burning tunnel, she comes to this conclusion. However, with his ragged appearance and jaded attitude on their plight, he appears to have been down there longer. Whether or not he murdered her in the attack, they seem to be waiting for their end in this spot.

After being burned to death, Adam resurfaces and turns into a flesh-eating monster to hunt after her through the tunnels. Even when he dies, he will remain in this awful system, maybe as a punishment for his heinous actions. Lisa will be reunited with her daughter in a paradise-like afterlife, but he will be tormented for the rest of his days.



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