Meena Jutla’s storyline has a shocking murder twist, and it’s been confirmed

Source: The Mirror

Emmerdale’s narrative will witness a significant change, as she will kill another character next week.

Meena, played by Paige Sandhu, was suspicious of her former best friend Nadine’s death. It has been suggested already. Now, the ITV serial has stated that Meena will be the first victim of her in the village.

Details concerning the victim’s identity and what drives Meena to kill are now in baggage. But Meena’s demeanour, in which she refuses to let anybody stand in the way for what she wants, is becoming chaotic in the last weeks.

“It’s amazing to portray an entirely different character, who constantly has a secret goal and will do anything she needs,” added Paige.

Source: Metro

“She’s incredibly intriguing because of her lack of empathy and her fun. She’s the craziest role I’ve certainly played, but also the fun character.”

Kate Brooks added manufacturer: “Since she arrived in the community, Meena has been a whirlwind to design and manipulate people and situations to achieve what she wants and to cause nothing but drama and senseless heartbreak.

“Her façade is caring for her true person; a woman with a turbulent past and no consciousness. Meena’s lack of empathy is often viewed as little more than spoiled petulance by those around her. But soon, we understand the actual degree of its amoral and stupidity.

“The malevolent Meena is going to create havoc in the village, and nobody’s immune from her crafty and lethal schemes once she has you in her sights. She storey sees the spectators grabbed as they realise that this is an entirely capable woman.”

On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, on ITV, Emmerdale will be broadcasting. The ITV Hub now has all the episodes available for viewing.

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