Megalo Box Season 2: Renewal Scenario for the Second Run and When It May Arrive


Want to know everything about the knockout anime series? Read on!

Ashita no Joe written by Asao Takamori and illustrated by Tetsuya Chiba is one of the most influential manga with many anime and manga referencing the it. Its legacy has inspired mangas and characters since its inception such as the iconic Uzumaki Naruto. 

Megalo Box is also one such creation that was made to commemorate the legendary manga’s 50th anniversary. And after its successful first run, it was a matter of time that TMS Entertainment would renew it for the second season. 

After announcing the production commencement of Season 2 in 2019 during Anime NYC, here’s everything that you need to know about its Season two release: 


After its premiere on April 6, 2018, the first season ran till June 29, 2018. Later, 3 special episodes were released in between July 27 and November 22, 2018. 

Pursuing the release date timeline and the given pandemic scenario, one can anticipate an October 2020 release of the second season. 

Megalo Box Season 2 Development:

In an interview, director of the series, Yo Moriyama spoke about the development of the anime, “I recognize that there’s a great deal of love relating to MEGALO BOX as well as I’m really delighted regarding it. I’m likewise very happy to say that MEGALO BOX 2 is in development and we most definitely wouldn’t want to let down the fans. I’m very much expecting it.”

He said, “There’s truly very little I can claim at this point. I’m truly trying to provide a really different angle contrasted to the initial MEGALO BOX. So I believe we can most definitely provide followers something that is beyond their expectations.”


The characters that will make a comeback in the second season include Joe a.k.a. Junk Dog, Gansaku Nanbu, Yukiko Sachio, Yūri, Yukiko Shirato, and Fujimaki.


Set in a fictional, advanced and dystopian timeline, where the privileged and members of the upper class who are certified reside in the Wealthy City and the unlicensed are reduced to the slum exteriors known as Slum Town.

Despite this course division in Japan, Megalo Boxing is the new ‘it’ sporting activity which has people riled up all across the globe. With a dangerous spin from its classic version, Megalo Boxing entails boxers wearing steel frames and Gears such as mechanical arm or legs to enhance their rate as well as power. 

Speaking of the second season, the story will continue from seven years after the timeline in the first season. Of the probable storylines that the season will take, it is likely that the anime will see Joe develop a Gear of his own in the injunction to earn the title

To add up to the drama, we might also see how Joe’s fate enfolds as Youko toys with him in the way she organizes his fight. Hooked on the feeling, yet?

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