Meghan King officially reveals her new boyfriend, Will Roos on her Instagram account


Meghan King may have found her prince charming in her friend. She recently revealed that everything happened so unexpectedly. Curious to know who it is? Then keep scrolling to find out what King has to say about her new romance life.

Meghan King shares details about her friend-turned-boyfriend

After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend Christian Schauf it seems like Meghan King is moving on. Recently, the 36 years old officially announced that she is dating her friend Will Roos. On the social media platform, she revealed that both of them have so much fun together. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star officially introduced her new boyfriend to her fans, and since then, fans are pouring messages on her posts and DMs with questions.

In one photo, the mom of three wrote that she wants to tell her fans something. In the picture, Meghan and Will were seen posing together. In another post, the 36 years old introduced him as her friend and said that they have been friends for a year. Later, she detailed the complete story in her series of stories on Instagram. You can check out their photos below.


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She told her fans that both met as a love interest and that fizzled into friends. She continued that the designation has now shifted. She explained that funny things can happen in funny ways sometimes. Here she was talking about her relationship with Will that grew from being friends to being lovers. The 36 years old went on to tell her fans that they will most probably see her new boyfriend in the future.

She told the followers that she would keep them posted and will probably overload her feed with Will. She went on to say that they are friends, but by friends, she means very close friends who hug and kiss each other. She also shared a throwback picture from last year of them posing together on their second date. She continued that many things have changed after she met him.

Final Words

Last November, King split with Schauf and revealed that their breakup was amicable. The 36 years old wrote on a blog post that things could have been different in her last relationship. Schauf had revived her adventurous spirit after she decided to separate from her husband, Jim Edmonds. The duo is still in the procedure to finalize their divorce. We will let you know once we get to know more about her personal life. So till then, stay tuned.



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