Meghan Markle opens up about her mental health on teen podcast


In these times of global crisis, many people are facing problems related to mental health. The uncertainty about everything nowadays is pushing people into depression. The effect of this is also visible in the aristocratic people of the society and Meghan Markle, a wife of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, has also become a victim of mental health issues. 

What exactly has happened? Find out below.


In an interview with “Teen Therapy”, Markle with her husband Harry talked with five California teens and revealed that in recent times she has been suffering from mental health issues due to the fact that she had been told, she was the most trolled person in 2019. 

This thing affected her deeply. She further added that it is never easy to listen to people talk false things about you. She says that when these rumors were being circulated around, she had become a mother and she was trying to ignore these rumors for the sake of her baby but a few rumors did manage to affect her. 

When asked about how she coped with this situation, she revealed that she took up journaling. Journaling according to her is a powerful thing that helped her to understand what her origins were and this reflection helped her to cope with the situation in an effective manner. 

Finally, she encouraged the youth to speak out if they were also suffering from mental health issues and also to talk to people who they knew were suffering from such issues. 

Times right now are hard and in these hard times, problems related to mental health will grasp you sooner or later. If something like that happens, talk it out to your friends or family and help out others as well. Thank you.


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