Meghan Trainor And Daryl Sabara – A Little Spy Kid Is Coming!


Warm welcome to all our readers! Giving birth is an incredible and stupefying feeling experienced by woman. It is an absolutely pure, real and warm feeling imagined by only women. 

Frankly giving birth is not a small thing as it has both corns and pons, and today we put a glance on renowned celeb couple Meghan Taylor and Daryl Sabara who are expecting their first child in this hardcore pandemic year 2020. 

Thankfully good news came in this pandemic scenario, isn’t it! 

We always tell you about the forthcoming series, shows, music albums and so on but today, a new spy kid is on the way which will make the hot couple’s life astonishing!       

Meghan Trainor, an American lyricist and singer who was interested in music from a young age and produced three solo acoustic albums. Her song “All About That Bass” earned the first position on the US Billboard Hot 100 and she also received various awards and nominations such as Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2016. 

Daryl Sabara, an American actor who is famous for his Jun Cortez role in the Spy Kids film series and he was a judge of America’s Most Talented Kids. He also performed some exciting roles in many shows like The Polar Express, Generator Rex, Father of The Pride, Keeping Up with the Steins and so on. 

About their beautiful and romantic journey!

In 2014, a house party was organized in Los Angeles where Meghan met actor Daryl and came in the relationship with him in July 2016. Almost after one-and-a-half year, both of them got engaged on 22 December 2017 and binds a knot exactly one year later on Trainor’s 25th birthday.

Now, as Halloween is still weeks away, but the glamorous couple revealed about their first spy kid on 7 October 2020, by posting a sonography picture on Instagram. 

Meghan also showed her curiosity of being a mommy and excitement to meet her baby! In 2019 interview with E!News, she revealed her love and passion to give birth and wants twins and triplets, she without any hesitation reveals about their love for babies.

Till now, the couple didn’t reveal about the gender of the spy kid and the exact due date but she revealed about her half-way completion. Isn’t it soo sensitive, emotional and expressive. Frankly, readers, this one is the most amazing and beautiful moment of a woman’s life. 

If you want to know about their spy kid gender and more information, so stay tuned and don’t go anywhere, we’ll come back to you soon!


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