Mehandi Circus

Mehandi Circus

The Mehandi Circus is a Tamil movie which was released in the year 2019 it is basically a blend of action and romantic drama written by Mr. Raju Murugan and directed by Mr. Sarvana Rajendran . Madhampatty Rangrajan the actor who is the main lead of this movie is a new comer to the south indian movie industry. Famous Bollywood actress Shweta Tripathi plays a lead role as well in her tamil movie debut while RJ Vigneshkanth and Vela Ramamoorthy plays the supportive roles. Mehandi circus’s music has been done by Sean Roldan whereas Selvakumar S.K and Philomin Raj are the cinematographer and film editor respectively. Studio Green being the production banner under which “Mehandi Circus “ has been produced , K.E. Gnanavel Raja being the producer.  Mehandi Circus has been rated as 7.4/10 on IMdb which is a very famous movie critic website.

Mehandi Circus

Production and Direction

The film’s principal photography began in early May 2018, and post-production wrapped up in July 2018. The film’s title teaser was released in June 2018. Raju Saravanan, also known as Rajendhiran Saravan, previously worked as Raju Murugan’s assistant director before making his directorial debut with the project and Director Raju Murugan’s script and dialogues. Debutant Madhampatty Rangaraj was cast as the leading male, and Bollywood actress Shweta Tripathi was cast as the leading female, a stage circus actress in the film. Shweta Tripathi made her Tamil film debut with this project. According to reports, an elephant was invited to play a pivotal role in the film, as implied by the title. The director revealed that real circus performers were involved in the circus sequences, playing uncredited characters. The film was shot in Mumbai, Dindigul, Karnataka, and Kodaikanal, among other places. Karthi, the actor, released the official social media teaser on January 6, 2018.

A Quick Review Of the Tamil Movie “Mehandi Circus”

The ‘Mehandi Circus’ opening credits reveal a simple one-liner. It begins with a folk storey about a princess who falls in love. When a Mongolian king overthrows the prince, he is forced into exile. In the meantime, the King makes several failed efforts to achieve immortality in the princess’ life. Finally the princess is saved by the prince and they live happily afterwards, as in most fairy tales. In a lively sequence, the folk storey is written on the beautiful song ‘Mayilpola Ilavarasi,’ which mirrors the lives of Jeeva (Madhampatty Rangaraj in the role of Attakathi Dinesh) and Mehandi (Shweta Tripathi, in a role she can sleep-walk through).

When we meet Jeeva, he is inebriated but steady. He and a drinker are arguing about the name of a vocalist who performed a popular song in the 1980s. The man gives credit to K.S. Chitra, but the song was actually performed by Vani Jayaram. It’s not just one song. The bartenders press Jeeva, and he rattles off every singer’s name, from TMS, Jensy, Janaki, to SPB Shailaja, in one breath. When asked if he knew of a post-Rahman song, he wondered if it was a film song. Jeeva has been living in the past, or as one of his friends put it, “he hadn’t been updated since 1992.” Geetanjali’s ‘O Papa Lali’ only mentions his heart a few seconds later. His mind flashes back to his childhood memories.

Mehandi Circus

Mehandi comes to mind when he thinks of him. Their love is born in an era when songs were filled with tea shops and Rajini-Kamal posters dominated the streets. Halfway through 1992, at Kodaikanal, Ilaiyaraaja pays a magnificent tribute to Shankar Ganesh, A.R. Rahman, and Kishore Da. Original posters from Maine Pyaar Kiya, Dharma Durai, Karagattakaran, Nayakan, Thalapathi, and Sadma adorn the walls of Kaakki Sattai, Dharma Durai, Karagattakaran, Nayakan, Thalapathi, and Sadma, reflecting the time Raju Murugan (who wrote the script) grew up.

Jeeva has a Rajageetham Musical music shop, which of course has an Ilaiyaraaja poster on its walls. Mehandi, a Rajasthan circus actor and her father relocate to Kodaikanal. They’re like birds from season, hopping for work from city to city. Jeeva’s beauty and innocence are in love with her. He can’t stand this when during the circus acts people look at Mehandi. The way men use the circus to target women is fascinating. In fact, the line ‘Ellarukum had heroin’ from the soulful ‘Vellattu Kannazhagi’ is related to those lines. The film, however, refuses to delve into this turbulent territory. Music (by either Sean Roldan or Ilaiyaraaja) plays behind the scenes of each couple. You believe in its romance with the fantastic selection of songs such as “Ye Raatein Ye Mausam.” These parts are far from adorable. When Mehandi says, “Pona maasam varaikkum nee yaarunu kooda theriyathu, you feel her helplessness. (I had no idea who you were until last month. I’m a bit worried now.”)

The Conclusion

The problem arises in the second half when it becomes the self-inflicted journey of the character. The structure of ‘Mehandi Circus’ reminds me of the earlier work, ‘Cuckoo,’ by Raju Murugan in which he seeks his long-lasting love. The presence of one skilful villain, an uninteresting caste subtext and the background of the secret life of a pastor are all less than convincing. The writing, although somewhat ordinary, is not aspiring to be more than it is and mainly functions in its own small world. This could also be regarded as the achievement of the film.

Mehandi Circus
Source: Netflix

Where to watch Mehandi Circus ?

Mehandi Circus can be watched or streamed acros several OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime but you must need to have a subscription for the respective platforms. You can aslo download the movie’s torrent to watch it if you don’t have any subscription , torrents aren’t easily available so you might have to surf the web quite a lot for searching this particular movie’s torrent


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