Messiah Season 2 Why Was It Canceled, Possible Reasons, And Fan’s Reactions


The show was surrounded by controversies even before it was released however, it received good support from the fans and there were chances for a 2nd season. Now it seems like Netflix has decided to end the show and won’t be making a 2nd season. Let’s find out more!

Messiah is a thriller fictional based show that has been created by Michael Petroni. The show follows a man who appears in the Middle East and is surrounded by miracles, his followers claim that he is the eschatological return of Isa (Jesus)

The appearance gets the attention of the West and CIA officers start investing the case and try to discover the real reason for the miracles. Although the show is fictional it has some part which has been taken from the bible hence the show was surrounded by controversies. 

The show premiered on January 1, 2020, and had 10 episodes. The show was blocked in Jordan after the “The Royal Film Commission of Jordan” requested Netflix to not telecast it in Jordan due to spiritual contents and allegations to support the Muslim community. Maybe this was the reason the show was canceled or maybe there were some other reasons let’s find out.

Messiah Season 2 Why Was It Canceled, Possible Reasons, And Fan’s Reactions

Possible Reasons for Cancellation

It seems like the show won’t be returning for a second season. As we saw one of the lead stars of the show come on Instagram who wrote “It’s a very sad day today” he also said explaining further “I have just received news from Netflix that there will be no season 2 of #messiah I wanted to say to all the fans thank you for your support and love. I wish things were different.” 

Although no official announcement has been made it seems like we won’t see Messiah back again for another season. The show had many international casts and was filmed in multiple locations which would be hard to after the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic so maybe that’s one of the reasons the show was canceled. 

Also, the backlash from different religious groups may be another reason for the cancellation of the show. Maybe some other reasons weren’t disclosed however we can’t be sure since no official announcement has been made by Netflix.

Fan’s Reaction

It is normal for the fans to be sad and disappointed when one of their favorite shows is canceled especially when this one ended on a huge cliffhanger. We saw at the end of 1st season that Al-Masih might be a con-man and not the return of Isa however we also saw him surviving a plane crash and resurrecting a few people who didn’t survive the crash. 

This left many wondering whether he is a con-artist or if he is the eschatological return of Isa (Jesus). However, it seems like we will never find out unless Netflix changes its mind and renew the show for another season. This uncertainty about the ending and unanswered questions left many fans displeased and disappointed.

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