Metallica & San Francisco Symphony’s ‘S&M2’ Starts Atop Rock

    Metallica & San Francisco Symphony's 'S&M2' Starts Atop Rock
    Metallica & San Francisco Symphony's 'S&M2' Starts Atop Rock

    Metallica and San Francisco Symphony reunited twenty years after their first collaboration. Some critics think the work just added more orchestration to the piece that was already heavily orchestrated.

    The first 10 minutes are very similar to the first production. “The Ecstasy of Gold”, “The Call of Ktulu” is used just like in the 1999 version. Track three, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is also performed in the same way as it was in 1999, but back then it was the 14th track of the album.

    More than 10 of the pieces that appeared in both the original and the new version of S&M were not changed in any way. The orchestra also plays the movement from Prokofiev’s “Scythian Suite” without the band’s involvement.

    Lars Ulrich announcing the members of the band is included in the album, even though it takes over a minute and a half. The concerts must have been enjoyable. It’s already accessible on their YouTube channel.

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    Metallica & San Francisco Symphony's 'S&M2' Starts Atop Rock
    Metallica & San Francisco Symphony’s ‘S&M2’ Starts Atop Rock

    If you want a good jumpstart strategy, then you should buy YouTube subscribers and likes to get an authority in the eyes of visitors. That video on YouTube for the fans of Metallica, especially for those who attended the concert 20 years ago, it was probably a great pleasure to see the live performance.

    However, as an album, it barely adds anything to the band’s legacy. Especially considering that even the original S&M was not Metallica’s major achievement.

    Lars Ulrich admits that it would be “complicated” to make a Metallica biopic

    Lars Ulrich discussed what Metallica’s biopic could look like. While he finds the idea complicated and is not “sold on the idea” of a biography-based movie, he would find it interesting to see the band transformed in the medium of the film.

    He thinks it depends on whether the movie would talk about the early ages of the band or modern times. The reason he thinks the autobiographies are challenging is that an author would have to tell the truth.

    However, not everyone who has had some kind of involvement in the author’s life would want some occasions to be told.

    Ulrich would like to throw himself into making a biopic about Metallica, but he would have to stick to the truth and that is where the matter becomes complicated.


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