Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez Bond Over virtual learning


When it comes to parenting the child, it doesn’t matter if you are two of the famous women in the world. You are called a mother at home. The same is in the case of Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez.

As there is an election in America, a new Instagram video has been uploaded based on the importance of getting out and participate in the election, where the two mothers can be seen discussing their lifestyle during the coronavirus pandemic.

Both women agreed to a similar point that they are doing more parenting instead of what their busy schedule demands. Virtual education is going on so the women talked on the upside to having their children involved in it at home.

What did Michelle admit?

Miss Obama admitted that things are confusing for her daughters and not that safe too.

Her 22-year-old daughter Malia and 19-year-old daughter Sasha cannot return to their colleges so things will remain the same for Michelle. But she is glad that her daughters want to get rid of her but they are staying put.

What does Jennifer feel?

Jennifer also feels lucky, she can keep her children close to her during the pandemic and can observe them vigilantly.

Jennifer spends most of her time traveling but she prefers parenting the children best thing as in comparison with traveling which she always does.

The Hustler star admitted that her kids Emme and Maximilian,12 can’t wait for more to get back to school and catch up with their friends.

Jennifer claimed the pandemic blessing in disguise for her. She has never felt that much close to them, as she told me that we have gotten to know each other in a way we never experienced. She further added as everything goes slow down, she finds it more familiar than usual.

She spends most of her time with her kids doing different activities. She posted an image with the caption “Wishing everyone peace and love, Happy Labour Day” on Labor Day from a photoshoot she had with her family included Alex Rodriguez her future husband.

They followed the white theme in honor of the classical Labour Day fashion rule.


Everyone is an ordinary person at home and loves parenting than work. We will come back to you more such news till then sit back relax. 

Stay safe and stunned with us.


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