Michigan’s Ryan Gallagher exits ‘The Voice’ right before the Four-Way Knockout vote reveal

Michigan’s Ryan Gallagher exits
Michigan’s Ryan Gallagher exits

Yesterday in The Voice, Carson Daly announced that the program’s star Ryan Gallagher will not be continuing in the show anymore. This came as a shock to many as he was one of the strong contestants and many thought he’d be the winner this year.

As a side note, Team Kelly’s Ryan Gallagher had to exit the competition so the Four-Way winner was decided with the votes received from these three remaining artists.” the host announced last evening. The further details of his exit were not discussed on the show.

Michigan’s Ryan Gallagher exits
Michigan’s Ryan Gallagher exits

However, Ryan Gallagher took to his instagram stories to explain the issue. “Thank you for your concern for my family, however everybody is fine. That’s not the cause of what happened tonight on “The Voice.” I didn’t drop out of the show. Details are still to come.” he said. You can find the link to it here-


Later it was revealed that he was forced to quit the show as he had broken COVID protocols. In an interview with MLive, Tori Walsh from NBC Universal revealed that they ‘The Voice’ has very strict rules and Ryan was forced to quit the show due to an “abundance of precaution” as it might put others at risk of catching the disease.

This is not Ryan’s first experience with COVID. Before his Battleground performance, he revealed that his mother recently came out of ICU after battling with COVID herself. Let’s hope his career is not affected too much because of this mishap.

Stay with us for the latest update.

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