Midnight Sun all set to release on August 4 this year Latest Updates


Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has announced she is coming up with a fresh book, Midnight Sun. It would be a retelling of her bestselling series from a vampire’s perspective. Almost twelve years since she stopped writing, now she has come up with a fresh idea. Stephanie Meyer wrote Midnight Sun August 28, 2008, but the same was leaked on the internet. The same affected the writer and thus, she took a break. 

In an interview, Stephanie Meyer said that she wanted people to forget about Midnight Sun, and then she would come up with a totally fresh perspective. The expectations of the fans could get ruined because this time, she wanted to create a story that would concentrate on Vampires’ life rather than their love story. 

She recently announced that the release date of Midnight Sun is destined for August 4, 2020. The Midnight Sun is speculated to be written from Edward’s perspective. She has explained the life and happening from his eyes. Bella Swan wouldn’t find the spotlight on her in Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun Is Vampire themed rather than Romance centric. The story would move around the romantic ground but since the readers will get inside Edward’s head, they will understand that he was going through much more agony than Bella has possibly felt.

Midnight Sun all set to release on August 4 this year Latest Updates

Precisely, Twilight has a unique spin where teen romance explores uncomfortable feelings like a fish sitting out of the water. In Edward’s perspective, he finds himself different from his peers but still tries to gel. He is already in a whirling world of his own and then enters Bella to complicate his feelings. He feels more vulnerable and away from the family. 

The readers would find the entire book narrating Edward’s view from the time he entered the college and caught Bella’s scent. The changes and love he had for Bella is vitally explained in the story. 



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