Earlier relations of Miley

Miley Cyrus is one of the most popular singers. From Hannah Montana on Disney channel till date her popularity keeps on increasing day by day. Miley has been in multiple relationships in her lifetime. 

She tied a knot with Liam Hemsworth in 2018, but it turned out that the things didn’t work well between the couple and they got divorced in 2019. After that she dated Kaitlyn Carter, but split after short time! 

Miley and Cody relationship graph…

The last she was buzzed to be in relation with Cody Simpson. Cody is an Australian singer. While the hot couple came out as a surprise to fans, it is said that Miley and Cody have been close friend for a long time. After her split with Carter, Miley started spending more time with her longtime friend Cody. 

In an interview, Cody admitted that Miley has been his childhood celebrity crush. He said, “Miley Cyrus has always been my childhood celebrity crush. I knew all the words to her songs. I’m not going to lie. I’m not ashamed about it at all. I was a big Miley Cyrus fan. I think she will be forever the most dateable Disney star.” The closeness of the two resulted in them dating. Miley and Cody started dated in October 2019. 

In the starting 6 months, they got similar tattoos. They were even spotted attending weddings and family gatherings together. They dragged everybody’s attention to their social media posts. They even shared pictures together on their social media handles. 


Their relationship as of now

It seems that two are enjoying each other’s company a lot. Cody posted a picture on his Instagram story with Miley where the two can be seen snuggled up in the car, captioned “in love with my best friend.” 

In another interview, Cody said, “Being with Miley is a wonderful thing in my life. She is creative and inspiring, fiercely independent and encourages me to be my own person, too. We are both creative individuals who support one another with our work. Miley also inspires my art.” While these statements are enough to prove that the two are quite in love with each other. From the very start of the relationship, the two love birds have shown no signs of slowing down!

About they get married!

As per the sources, Cody says that he is far too young to consider getting married as of now. Also, Miley has got out of a marriage recently. It is sure that the two are not planning to get married in near future. They are giving time to each other and their relationship. 

They being together

While their relation was a surprise to everybody, it seems like the two are happy being together. They have successfully completed 10 months now.

 They can be seen celebrating their togetherness every now and then! Till then stay tuned for the latest updates.

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