Miley Cyrus: Wait! Is She Richer Than Justin Bieber?


The idea of a glamorous life of these public figures leads to a comparison of the net worth of these celebrities, which is not new. This comparison began with the fans in a controversial way and sometimes it rises, so high that it hit the news headlines. Recently it has been reported that now the headlines are heated up with something like the net worth comparison of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

“Miley Cyrus has now become richer than Justin Bieber the Canadian singer” this news has been postulated by many Miley’s fans on the web. According to fans Miley’s net worth has exceeded the actual net worth of Justin Bieber. 

Below we have mentioned some point which acts as a comparison between the net worth of these two stars. Also, will leave the decision up to you at the conclusion, means you have to decide who is richer than whom after going through these comparisons.

The Net Worth Of Miley Cyrus 

This all started when she played the role of the popular Disney series Hannah Montana at a very young age of 11. We all know that Miley Cyrus has achieved massive success at a very early phase of life. After this successful role, with a remarkable point of success at an early age, Miley Cyrus had inaugurated herself in the cinematic world. 

Miley Cyrus: Wait! Is She Richer Than Justin Bieber?

No doubt with great popularity there comes huge money. If we hear what the media claims, then, it’s said by some media reports that, for every episode of the famous Disney show “Hannah Montana,” she was approximately paid around $15,000. After achieving massive success in the field of singing Miley Cyrus decided to herself as a well-known singer and as a music composer too. 

She even put pen on the paper and wrote her autobiography that eventually become a bestseller. Over the years passed till now, Miley Cyrus has made and released a total six albums and all of them were appreciated by her fans. Moreover, the report says Miley Cyrus has a net worth of $160 million approximately.

What Do You Think Miley Cyrus Reacher Than Justin Bieber?

Now moving forward on this ongoing controversy about Miley Cyrus is richer than Justin Bieber, this can’t be said truthfully. Some reliable media fora, then the net worth of Justin Bieber is predicated around $285 million. Hence, no need for further clarification the difference of net worth between the two celebrities.


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