Miley Cyrus: When Is The New Album Coming?

Miley Cyrus: When Is The New Album Coming?
Miley Cyrus: When Is The New Album Coming?

Miley Cyrus is in the buzz with a sensational new album “She is Miley Cyrus”. The teasers are already in the social sites & collecting a huge response from the fans.

This will be the seventh album, however, this time Miley collaborates with Midnight Sky & Dua Lipa.  Let’s find out the release date and the interesting facts about the upcoming album by Miley Cyrus.

Release Date:-

As per the sources, the new album is all set to be released in a few weeks from now. Although Hannah Montana actress went quiet for some time about the release, she can be seen in the latest teasers now.

On that note, the poster looks promising

What’s New-

“This album will depict of who am I in reality,” said Miley Cyrus in one of the interviews. Fans are eagerly waiting to witness the reality of their favorite singer, Miley. She is coming with “ Midnight Sky” along with the hashtag, “She is Coming”.  The same is also now registered with Wikipedia for the ease.

As per the sources, Miley has confirmed that the new album will be more pop-culture oriented and based on real-life experiences of her. 

Teasers: –

A teaser for the upcoming album has been posted on social media and got viral instantly. It will be spectacular to see two dancing queens on a single stage. 

Check out the teaser 

Well, let’s see what would be in the mystery box for the fans. Till then, stay tuned on the page to know more!



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