Milla Jovovich battles dragons and other gigantic beasts in trailer for Moster Hunter


With the COVID-19 pandemic, many films that we should have seen by this point in 2020 have been wildly delayed. This includes certain films such as Warner Bros’ Godzilla vs. Kong or Monster Hunter by Sony, which were supposed to have various huge monsters rampaging about the screen. 

But fans of the video game franchise by Capcon will be very interested to learn that Milla Jovovich/Paul W.S. Anderson film is set to release at the tail end of December 2020. And the first look is thrilling indeed.

The film starts with Lt. Artemis (Jovovich) and her little band of soldiers being catapulted into an absolutely new world of adventure, a world where dragons and other giant beasts exist. Humanity is on the run and Lt. Artemis and her crew have to fight these beasts in order to find a way home.

Watching the trailer for the film will undoubtedly feel good to fans of the franchise. After the tumult and helplessness of 2020, watching Jovovich shoot down scaly monsters with a rocket launcher feels positively therapeutic. It’s a bright spot at the end of a particularly bleak year.

There is a cast of very interesting characters. Stars like Meagan Good, martial artist Tony Jaa and Tip T.I. are some of the people involved. Cast lists also seem to indicate that Ron Perlman is going to be guest starring which is something to look forward to. When mythical beasts need to be better understood, or killed, Perlman is a good person to have around. The flashy action and dazzle of the trailer is exactly as would be expected from a first look at Monster Hunter.

However, there is something that might not be the most pleasing to fans. By all accounts, the trailer seems to hint at a cliffhanger ending to the movie, leaving the door open for future sequels. Since that was the case with the other Milla Jovovich franchise based on a video game, Resident Evil, this should not be a total shock. However, only time can tell if such speculations are correct.

Monster Hunter is out in theatres on 30 December.


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