Millie Bobby Brown says that her Godzilla vs, Kong character is a ‘badass’


Her character in ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is a badass, Millie Bobby Brown states.

The 17-year old player returns to Madison Russell’s role in the upcoming monsters and points out that the character became tougher in the movie’s predecessor “Godzilla: Kings of the Monsters” following the death of her mother Emma (Vera Farmiga).

Asked how Madison has evolved since the last flick, Millie said: “OK, great. So it’s been five years since Madison was raised. For her, it’s certainly an upcoming storey. In the way that she deals with things, her behaviour in life and her strength as a person, her storey definitely evolved.

“I really try to follow in the footsteps of my mother, and become stronger, more independent and know what to do. She is basically a badass and it’s gone for five years.”

Millie has suggested that in this film her personality is going to have a close relationship with Godzilla that “knows” the monster.

She said to Collider’s website, “I mean, her relationship to Godzilla in the first movie ‘King of the Monsters’ was quite remote. It was just like what he’s talking about. She was very curious, I’m sure.

There are times when she gets to have amazing scenes with him in ‘The King of Monsters,’ but definitely the cinema, ‘Godzilla vs.Kong,’ is far more technical, know more about him, about him data as a Titan. It’s a lot more technical and she gets to know him more.”

Also Milliie praised Julian Dennison’s co-star for Madison’s portrait of Josh Valentine’s “nerdy” friend.

The ‘Stranger Things’ star said: “He’s a perfect fit because he is the realist and he’s also just absolutely, utterly adorable. Everybody is going to fall in love with him because Madison has, and you can tell – He’s taken her in after such a tragedy in the first movie.”


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