Mindhunter season 3: Confirmed Release date, Show Cast and Other details


2020 has been all good till now, all thanks to the pandemic it allowed us to spend some quality time at home. We could watch some classy dramas, series and show. 

But it seems quite some time has passed since we have watched some good crime dramas. We were quite missing the thrill. And guess what happened then?

Netflix heard our prayers and they are all ready to bring in the third season of the Mindhunters!

When the second season was up, fans didn’t waste a single minute put every bit of their free time into watching all nine episodes super quickly. It was 2019. Then early 2020 there were a buzz on the part of Netflix about the third season of Mindhunters. David Fincher has busied himself on other projects therefore currently he is not concentrating on Mindhunters.

Till now we just have the information that we are getting a third season but no date has been specified for its release. Season one set in back in 2017 and then fans got to the season 2’s fun in 2019, therefore we can expect that we will have to wait a little longer for the third installment too.

For the cast, we could expect to see Groff and Holt McCallany back on the big screens and the FBI consultant will be played by Anna Torv. Joe Tuttle, Stacey Roca, Michael Cerevis, Zachary Scott Ross and Sonny Valicenti will also be there. 

There’s also a possibility that Cameron Britton will join the cast once again.  According to the other two season, fans can expect a nine to ten episode watch here also.

The season is expected to have too much of adventure and thrill as we can expect a number of serial killers if we go according to the kind of stories that we saw in the previous seasons. If season 3 happens, Rader will definitely be back. Kemper might also come back as well. 

We are super duper enthusiastic!

We only wish the team revelation of some speedy piece of news.


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