Misha Collins version of the Supernatural’s watch party.


Guys, how many of you are eager to attend a party hosted by Misha Collins?

All my Supernatural fanatics. Right? 

Okay, so this piece of the update is for them.

Actor Misha Collins is all set to organize a virtual watch party for Supernatural as the show is finally coming to an end after a power-packed fifteen long seasons. The show has been one of the best adventure series portraying Sam and Dean brothers hunting the supernatural creatures, monsters, devils, and others.

Though the final premieres were all set to be much earlier, there had been considerable delays due to the ongoing pandemic and the cast has finally resumed shooting some days ago. Some of the cast members like Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki had been also seen posting emotional adieu notes on their social media handles. 

Sources have made it clear that Collins who plays the role of Angel Castiel will be hosting the virtual watch party over zoom for the Supernatural’s Last Holiday Episode. The time has been set at 7:30 PM PT. the party will also be joined by creator Eric Kripke and showrunner Robert Singer.

To all of the fan’s utter surprise, the party has been given a political twist where Misha will be telling the attendees about the elections and voting process. The attendees will also get a chance to interact with special guests.

Could your day be made better guys, with any other piece of information?

And so, what are you waiting for, I must say, Just Go and grab your chances.

Do tell us how amazing the party had been.


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