Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Release Date and Plot

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The wait is almost over! Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon, a Japanese manga series which has attracted attention of a huge chunk of audience is soon going to be releasd. The original run of the series has been scheduled in July 2021. The series holds its history to 2013 when it was licensed in North America. Since then four spin-off manga have been released. This was then supplemented with anime television series during 2017.  Miss Kobayashi’s Maid is the second season of the series filled of lots of comedy and also fantasy.


Yeah! a lot of excitement in store! A happening beginning unfolds with Kobayashi getting ready for work and to her surprise she was greeted by a large Dragon outside her house.The dragon transforms into a human girl and introduces herself as Tohru. Now the secret behind this dragon reveals! Last night Kobayashi had encountered this dragon when she was somewhere in the mountains in a drunken state. This dragon claimed to have come from another world! Now Kobayashi is being a bit generous by removing the sword from Tohru’s back and offering her shelter in her house as she had no other place to live. She accepted Tohru as her personal maid.

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The second part adds up the spark to the already exciting plot developed earlier. The irony of their relationship is that although Tohru stays with Kobayashi as her helper but her unorthodox meathods of housekeeping often ends scaring and creating more trouble than help for Kobayashi. Moreover Tohru attracted other dragons and mythical beings to her house often becoming troblesome for Kobayashi. In the meantime one such dragon, Kanna who was exiled from other world, also took shelter at Kobayashi’s house who became her guardian. And finally they became family for Kobayashi!

This was just a glimpse of the adventerous and exciting journey of Kobayashi filled with a ting of comedy and fantasy!


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