Modern Family Star Speechless Over WandaVision Episode 7’s Homage

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Julie Bowen, known as Claire Dunphy is among the most famous character of Modern Family after WandaVision paid homage in episode 7 found herself speechless in this regard.  

WandaVision has referenced several popular TV shows. These are referenced throughout the decades since its run began in January. “Breaking The Fourth Wall”, the most recent episode of this series was found to make a large number of direct references to Bowen’s Modern Family. 

This made Bowen post her emotional response to different social media platforms. 

It’s because she helms life within Westview’s picturesque suburban town.

In this series, fans watch Wanda and her husband Paul Bettany in the Avenger version through two TV screens. Because their reality in the events is being sophisticated sitcom-style by special agents. This special agents in the events found their real identity outside of the town’s force-field brigade. 

Along with the latest episode landing on 2000s mockumentary-style it’s been found that almost every episode of Wanda’s fictional reality pantomimes quite a different decade of classic American TV. 

Bowen Emotional Response –

Bowen after this episode when released expressed her feelings of gratitude for its reference on her Instagram page. Her post on Instagram includes a total of two images from paused TV. With the first one as the WandaVision introduction title sequence. This introduction title mimics Modern Family’s format and font.

The second image is a screengrab of Wanda staring deadpan at the camera in the episode. This is something what Bowen has done several times as her character Claire Dunphy. 

Accompanying these two images with a long paragraph caption that clearly shows her shock and her thanks to Marvel. 

Check out Bowen’s full post – HERE

It was not a coincidence for Bowen when the air date of the WandaVision episode was exactly one year from the wrapping date of Modern Family final season filming.

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The show gained a huge fanbase and encouragement since its premiere in 2009. The journey of the show keeps ongoing to get a complete end in its 11th season. Also, this show gave an amazing start to many cast member who is now standing with a successful carrier. 

Bowen response to this inspired many of her co-stars to take down their statement on different social media platforms. But it is only Julie Bowen who commented on this episode referring to Modern Family. Do we miss out on anything from the post to explain? Let us know.


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