Moff Gideon may or may not be Force-touchy, yet either way, he’s a terrifying Villain for the Mandalorian with his military brain, his amazing mustache, and the famous Darksaber. 

He has all that he needs to chase down a doubting bounties man and his charming ward. However, fans from Star Wars do not know how to search and take Baby Yoda for themselves. This persuasive fan hypothesis has an indicator in the Biblical period.

What More We Know About It?

Moff Gideon’s name was influenced by the Redditor the Mediocre Critic for an indication of what the future of Moff Gideon holds. Gideon’s story was written in the Hebrew Bible in the Judges’ Book, which tells of a man without military experience who, though overwhelmed, leads the 300 male Israeli troops to victory in battles against the Midianite army.

An angel visited Gideon who offered him his mission, but Gideon was not persuaded. Three signals he ordered. Next, a rock fire was fired by the angel. Second, he put a strip of wool from the lamb overnight and the wool wet in the morning, but the earth was dry. The last test was close, except the soil was damp in the morning, but the wool was dry.

It took some time, but Gideon was persuaded. God told Gideon that there were too many for victory to become miraculous and to cultivate trust in God. Gideon first sent all the fearful back home. After that, he took the rest for a drink. Instead of specifically lapping the water, God ordered him to give a home to those who scooped down the water and left just 300.

The results of the fight depended entirely on the surprise factor. 

Gideon’s army used horns and torches, but defeated the Midianites, though it was massively outnumbered, and sneaked at the tent. It is the tale of faith in Heaven, who will prevail in trustful stuff even though the odds are insurmountable.

Like the biblical Gideon, Moff Gideon leans completely on confidence. Moff Gideon appears to be the type of person, so Season 2 will likely include some flashbacks as to how exactly Moff Gideon ended up, maybe some sort of test to encourage him to join the Empire.

A significant conflict between him and Din Djarin may also be visible in the tale of his name. Moff Gideon can surprise his enemies like Gideon, and using a “torch” isn’t so unlike Darksaber. Moff Gideon could be outnumbered by the end of Season 2. But this would not prove a challenge with the right strategies, because we know the original plot.

Stay tuned with us to know more about it.


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