Money Heist ‘The Paper House’ Season 5


Do you know the twist in the name of Money Hiest?

Fifth Season of Money Heist called The House of Paper is a famous Spanish television series created by Alex Pina and in Spanish it is written as, “La Casa de Papel.” It is one of the criminal minded, intriguing and thriller series which is acquired by Netflix in late 2017 and Netflix re-cut the series into 22 short episodes and released them worldwide on 20 December 2017. In this show a man named Sergio Marquina or called The Professor, was trying to complete the dream of his dead father.


In this whole show a mysterious man called The Professor makes a team of eight members to make his two ambitious heists successful. His target is to complete heists on one on the Royal Mint of Spain and other on the Bank of Spain. And in the previous season 4, he accomplished his one target of heist in Bank of Spain.                                  

Hence, this time we will see the plans made by The Professor to success his second heist. There is no proper sketch about season 5 but, whatever the story will be, it will surely hit the box office with great ratings.

Money Heist ‘The Paper House’ Season 5

Ratings and Reviews

Shooting of Money Heist was done in Madrid, Spain and some portions of season 3 and 4 were filmed in Panama, Thailand and Italy. In season 3 and 4, they completed the plan of heist in Bank of Spain, and both these series got many positive reviews from critics. The series also earned several awards including the best drama series at the 46th International Emmy Awards. 

Release Date

Its fourth season was aired on 3 April 2020 on Netflix with a set of eight episodes, so, it is quite impossible to have fifth season this year. And due to the ongoing COVID situation, its production is also not yet started. However, the news is that according to the informers, Season 5 of Money Heist will be released in the beginning or middle of 2022.


There is no official announcement about the casting members. So, we assume that some main characters will rejoin us in the fifth season with their fabulous acting like Ursula Corbero as Tokio, Alvaro Morte as El Professor, Itziar Ituno as Lisbon, Jamie Lorente as Denver, etc. Maybe some new character will be seen in the fifth season but till now this news is covered.

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