Monster Musume: Season 2: Will We Get A Season 2 Of Monster Musume Series? Details Inside


And we met again! Hello readers, welcome back to your favourite place to get all the news updates and we are here to serve you anytime and every time your shows give out any new details. So, let’s begin the todays update session with some latest news on ‘Monster Musume’ season 2. 

Well again the question is if the next season is happening or not and again the answer is why to worry when we are here to provide you will all the necessary updates, so just continue reading to find out everything that’s happening with the show.

Monster Musume Season 2: Release

The Japanese animated dram series got delayed earlier because the author of the book on which the series is based on was facing some major health issues and according to us giving time to your mental health is equally important as giving importance to you work. 

Don’t worry Okayado, we have got your back! Well the good news is that the makers have confirmed season 2 of the animated show and we are happy to share the news with you, but we still need to wait for a while as the release date is not out yet. 

Although we are expecting the show to release in late 2020 or early 2021 but we will still ask you to wait for an official confirmation about it from the makers themselves. Why do good things take so much of time to happen? 

Monster Musume: Season 2: Will We Get A Season 2 Of Monster Musume Series? Details Inside

The fantasy show, ‘Monster Musume’, is all about presence of mythical creatures like mermaids and wenches, which potrays the story of different cultural exchange amongst these creatures. 

The show is majorly about a girl called Kimihito Kurusu, who lives in Japan. In the last season, we saw how she accidently got involved in the cultural exchange programme and now her life is in a turmoil. 

So, you can expect to see more of what will happen to Kimihito Kurusu in the upcoming season and how she deals with everything that is taking place in her life.

Monster Musume season 2: Cast

The voice-overs of the characters will be given by the same people so expect Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou.” Junji Majima as Kurusu Kimihito, Sora Amamiya as Miia, Ari Ozawa as Papi, Natsuki Aikawa as Centorea, Mayuka Nomura as Suu, Haruka Yamazaki as Mero, Sakura Nakamura as Rachnera, Ai Kakuma as Lala and Saori Ōnishi as Doppel to return with the show to provide the animated characters with the background voice. Who! Another relief, because we don’t like voices getting changed, right? 

That’s all for today folks! Don’t forget to check out our next story for some more news updates because catching up with the entertainment industry is very important. So, see you in the next story. Toodles!

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